Why isn’t my website helping my business?


It all started with a dream. You took a leap of faith and started your own business. You are pursuing the American dream now. You did the work, you created the product, you provided the service. You do what you do well and your customers know it…but business isn’t growing like it should. You have a website but it doesn’t seem to be helping like you thought it should and you find yourself lamenting that you can’t compete with those big chains and all their shiny, flashy marketing.

Sound familiar? It’s enough to discourage even the most courageous of entrepreneurs! But there is a solution!

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Just having a website isn’t enough. You have to have a website that purposefully built, with clear goals, actionable objectives to meet those goals, most importantly, you have to have a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach and how to reach them. This is why digital marketing analysis and planning are SO important. When you take the time to set the right goals, write clear objectives, and understand who your ideal visitor will be, you can then set up benchmarks to measure your success. But more than that, you’ll start seeing that success rising!

First we start with determining who is your ideal audience. And don’t fall back on “our buyers are diverse” or “well, everyone really” because let’s just face it, a website aimed at everyone will most likely attract no one. Your content – everything from the words on the page to the media to the layout – has to appeal to your ideal visitors. It must convince them that you are worthy of their time, money, and effort. Oh, and that effort part? You need to make that as little as possible, because no one is going to jump through hoops on your site. They will bounce and find a site that will do it for them.

Next, set some realistic goals. Yes, that’s right, realistic. Your list of goals and objectives MUST match your organization’s capabilities. It’s so easy to say “we should use social media” or “we need a blog” but do you have the resources and staff to spend several hours a week on a creative, sustained social media campaign that will engage followers? If the answer is no, consider other options like outsourcing that work, an opt-in email new list, or similar that better suit your personnel, budget and/or ability to produce interesting content. Here are some examples:

Goal: Increase sales

Objectives: Search engine optimization, creative content, user-friendly site, strong and effective calls to action.


Goal: Build your brand

Objectives: Active social media program, promotions, reputation management

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Lastly, be sure to plan a way to measure your success. For most businesses, converting a first-time user to a customer is rare. So you’ll need to establish some objectives to measure whether or not your new strategies are working. Be prepared to adjust your plan as needed if they fall short. Benchmark where you are today. Then when you implement your new site, start measuring the changes.

An flashy or sleek website is not enough to meet your business goals. When you’re ready to begin, we would love to help you, no matter where you are in the process! For a free digital analysis, contact us today.


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