Ten Years and Counting


I woke up this morning feeling nostalgic. Today, I’m beginning my 8th year as a business owner, and I’m well into my 10th year since I began working on my own as a freelancer. If you think this is going to be a post about how you too can achieve this great goal following 6 easy steps, think again. I have NONE of that here for you! There’s not a lot of glamour in owning your own business – at least I’ve not found any. It’s been a lot of hard work, day after day. It’s been late nights and early mornings and so, so, so much prayer. There have been tears, panics, and great ideas that turned out to be less than great. There have been moments when I worried I was an imposter who had no business running a business, and moments when I felt so sure that God had led me here regardless of what my circumstances looked like. Through it all, God has been so faithful! 

How it Started…

Unlike many of the entrepreneurs and ministry leaders, I have had the privilege to know along this journey, I didn’t step out in faith to start a business, I didn’t have that kind of faith. I was desperate for a way to provide for my children and myself as a newly single mother, and I knew I was supposed to homeschool my kids. That God had made clear. He was keeping the how to keep a roof over our heads part under His proverbial hat though, and I was just stumbling along trying to follow His lead. Most of the people I knew thought I had lost my mind and that what I was doing made no sense. I don’t blame them. I didn’t think it made much sense either. But I’d reached the end of myself and chasing life my way and come to a place of certainty in one thing – my way wasn’t working so I would wait on God to show me my next step, literally singing through tears “I won’t move without You.”  It was in this place of surrender that I stumbled into this work. I’d left the world of marketing and fundraising, having had my fill of worldly tactics and schemes to manipulate, coerce, and spin, and I thought my days in marketing were behind me. And good riddance!  No one was as shocked as me when He started growing a business I never sought, didn’t ask for, and even tried to talk people out of hiring me to do! I was gifted a business through the generosity of an early client – they bought my business license and even gave me a deadline to have a business name. What an unexpected blessing – I had been praying for God to show me the work I was supposed to do to provide for my family! I didn’t hesitate, I started learning all I could about marketing and owning a business. I had no idea how much work was ahead of me though! I thought a business license meant you had a business! As it turns out, purchasing the business license was like buying a permit to build a house – it’s a great start, but you still have to actually build the house! 

The long journey to today…

God has brought some truly amazing clients that I’ve worked with this past decade, some still with me, some having moved on, but all bringing with them blessings, learning opportunities, and growth in my field and as a business owner, I’m thankful for each one! I’ve had the blessing of having several ladies – mostly other moms – working with me to serve an abundance of clients and work, and I’ve walked alone as a sole proprietor with no one helping to carry the load. I’ve learned my strengths, my weaknesses, my preferences, and my limits. I’ve made connections and formed partnerships with others who bring the strength where I’m weak to serve my clients. I’ve pivoted and responded to the never-ending changes to digital marketing, a pandemic that changed the way we do business, and the ups and downs of life in general. I’ve watched this business grow and flourish, I’ve watched it crash into near oblivion, and I’ve watched it rise from the ashes. I’ve hated it and loved it, despised it and cherished it – sometimes all in the same day.

Ten Years and Counting

Over the years, I’ve had mentors and advisors to help lead me. Friends who have listened as I’ve dreamed, questioned, doubted, and rebounded. And I’ve taken so many classes (and heard more than my fair share of the hard pitch at the end of countless free courses with no new info too – IFYKYK).  

Running a business is hard. You face difficult questions that feel like a risk no matter what you choose – do I expand and risk hiring someone I can’t keep if the growth stops, stay where I am working myself to death and barely getting by? It’s disheartening to see your business is faltering or failing and feeling helpless to turn it around. It’s scary to make a pivot and risk it all if it doesn’t work out. The struggle to balance faith in God to provide, working your hardest for your clients and your family, and the very real, practical needs in your home is tangible. But the joy of seeing the fruits of your faith and hard work is immeasurable, it’s nothing short of miraculous! 

Ten Years and Counting

So, with a grateful heart, and a deep-rooted, faith-filled hope in Him, I am kicking off day 1 of year 8 as a business owner, year 10 of working for myself! If you’ve been along for the journey, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with a part of your business and life! If you’re considering hiring me, I’m honored to be considered! And if you’re just watching from the outside, cheering me on, or just lerking around to see what happens next, I hope you see His hand in all that is accomplished and that He is glorified!!

“‘For I will be a wall of fire around her’ says the Lord, ‘and I will be the glory in her midst.’” Zechariah 2:5 (Z25) Lord, may You continually be glorified in the year to come!!