I am passionate about creating connections.

Connections on search engines, on your website, through your blog, or on social media.

Ready to see your business flourish?


Search Engine Optimization allows you to connect with your clients at the moment they begin their search.

Content Marketing

Unique content curated for your brand and voice will create connections through better, more focused communications.

Website Design

Websites that express your brand and voice, showcasing your services, products, and message in user-focused ways.

SEO Services

Technical SEO

I’ll make sure your website meets the requirements of modern search engines with the goal to improve your organic rankings. Some elements of this:

  • Site Structure
  • Site Crawling

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about the page itself and how to make it more user-friendly for both your site visitors and search engines. It refers to factors and techniques for optimizing your site that can be controlled. These include but are not limited to:

  • Title tags & headings
  • Meta descriptions

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO (sometimes called Link Building) refers to factors focused on promoting your brand around the web. It includes but is not limited to:

  • guest blog posting
  • social media marketing

Local SEO

Suited for businesses or organizations that only serve a local audience. Local businesses will need all of the above types of SEO services as well as local SEO services like adding local business schema to your website, adding your business to local directories, registering with trusted directories like Yelp, etc, and managing your Google Business Profile.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply a strategy to attract, engage and/or retain your audience through the creation and sharing of relevant materials. It allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field or simply share your brand or story in ways that will keep you at the top of their minds when it’s time to make a decision to buy in. It can include a wide range of things including:

  • articles/blogs
  • ghostwriting
  • e-books
  • images
  • videos
  • infographics
  • success stories
  • case studies
  • product content, demos & guides
  • white papers
  • comparison sheets
  • FAQs
  • how-to tutorials
  • and so much more…


As a website designer, it’s my job to make your website look good, function well, and meet your goals. When your clients or audience arrive at your site, they should feel like they are getting to know you, your brand, your products, and your story. I love to help make that happen.

Web design involves a mix of skills: artistic creativity, psychology and understanding of human behavior, and the technical knowledge of how to build the site. That’s probably why I enjoy it. It’s like putting together a brand new puzzle, each piece ready to be observed to see how they will fit together best.

I work primarily in WordPress for two reasons: years of experience and SEO tools available for the platform. My goal is to build you a well-thought-out and executed website that will meet your needs and represent your brand. 


Happy people I’ve helped


“I am especially thankful for Z25 Marketing for helping to brand and launch my business.

I couldn’t have chosen a better business to handle my website and marketing needs. I’m forever grateful for Teresa Jones and Z25 Marketing.”

– Natalie H. –


She evaluated our strategy & offered great advice that we followed with great results.

Z25 took us to the next level with our branding and presentation. They evaluated our strategy and offered great advice that we followed with great results. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. I highly recommend Z25!!!