Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development

You’ve heard it before: Failure to plan is a plan to fail. It’s more than just catchy word play. It’s the truth. If your marketing strategy has been “when-I-have-time” and “when-I-think-about-it” random status updates or tweets, you need a plan. If you have found the ads manager, placed some ads, but are having no fruit from them, you really need a plan. Not even an experienced marketer is going to be able to gain you results without a plan. It is the most important part of what we do. It’s also the thing that is viewed as the least important. There is no track-able ROI (return on investment) on creating a marketing strategy plan until you implement the plan and it works. But trust us, if you don’t have a plan, tracking results on random campaigns is always going to be hit or miss.

Working with your vision and goals, we will analyze your existing online presence and your target audiences and build a plan for your business to grow. We’ll work that plan into a manageable budget and get you started on your path to greater success.

What’s in a plan?

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Marketing Content Creation
  • Long Term / Short Term Planning
  • Implementing Key Digital Strategies
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Objective Setting
  • Strategy Tactics Implementation
  • Digital Marketing Content Calendar
  • Ongoing Analysis

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