Packages designed with purpose

While it’s difficult to offer packages for everyone’s needs, here are a few ideas of how we could work together to help you succeed.

My favorite way to work with a client is to start with a conversation over coffee or on the phone to get to know you and your business, listen to your needs, and then work as a team to meet those needs. Businesses and organizations are as unique as people and personalities. My experience has taught me that there are no one-size-fits-all service packages. But I have noticed some trends in needs for the clients I’ve served. Therefore I’ve listed here some of the more popular combinations of services that other clients have needed. If you don’t see a package here that you feel fits your needs, please reach out and let me know. Ensuring that you have access to the services that will serve you well without paying for things you don’t need is important to me as well.

Full-Service Package


You are a relatively new business or ministry and you need all the services: branding creation and message creation, website design, social media plans, strategy, and coaching along the way to ensure you know just how to move forward. You have start-up funds to get you going, and you want to make the best use of those resources to start well.

This package includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Kit development (creating a branding kit that will help you reach your goals)
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Content Marketing with SEO
  • Social media channel set up & guide
  • Google Business Profile set up
  • Coaching to help you use these tools to reach your goals

This package begins at $5,500. 

Accelerator Package


You’ve been in a business for some time, mostly bootstrapping your way through. Perhaps you have a portion of your marketing strategy in place. You have likely read a million articles or books, watched more YouTube videos than you care to admit, and have been doing it all on your own. Some things have worked, but many have not. Your hard work has brought enough growth that you are now too busy to keep up the time-consuming task of doing things on your own but you’re not quite ready to outsource everything. Maybe you have a website that is under-delivering or social media that is becoming neglected. Perhaps your marketing attempts have been scattered with messaging that is missing the mark. I can help.

This package includes some components of the following:

  • Marketing Strategy (including full digital audit)
  • Brand message polish
  • WordPress website updates with SEO
  • Social media plan
  • Identify channels to help you create easier workflows and utilize your resources better
  • Content Audit/Editing/Creation

This package starts at $3,000.

Partner Package


You are a DIYer all the way. You prefer to handle as much of your own marketing yourself as you can, but lately it feels like you’re sinking and need a little help from time to time. Perhaps you just need a coach to clarify the path and equip you to succeed. Maybe you miss your family time and you’re ready to hand off tasks that others could do so you can focus on things you alone can do. Do you need help keeping your website updated, writing new content, figuring out what to post next on social media, or simplifying some of your processes to save time? Maybe you have always planned to add an online store or scheduling app to your website or launch on another social platform but never had the time. Perhaps you are swimming in content but just don’t have time to edit those videos or create and manage events or groups on social media. Maybe you have a great audience following but find you don’t have the time to engage as much as you need to. I can help.

Since the services in this package can vary greatly, it’s hard to include a list, but it will certainly always begin with an audit and marketing strategy to help us discover together how I can best help you.

This package starts at with a free consultation and ends where your ‘budget vs need for assistance’ determines. I’ll be your personal consultant to help you with whatever you need. Maybe you’ll outsource a portion of your marketing, or maybe we’ll just meet to discuss reports and next steps when you need it. You’re in the driver’s seat, I’m happy to hold the map and manage the playlist.

Marketing Strategy

Not sure what you need yet? I can help with that too. I offer a Marketing Strategy that will include:

  • SWOT analysis of your current business
  • Research your niche/market
  • Thorough analysis of your existing digital presence
  • Step-by-step initiatives you can take on digital platforms to move toward your goals
  • Buyer personas so you know who you are talking to
  • Suggestions on content to help you share your story, products, and services with your target audience
  • Recommendations and referrals for resources and tools to help you get the work done

Once you receive your written Marketing Strategy, I’ll give you a few days to review it in-house. Then we’ll schedule a meeting to go over your strategy, answer any questions, and discuss what, if anything, you need from me moving forward.

Marketing Strategies are $800.


I also offer additional services a la carte or on monthly retainer that include:

  • Marketing Coaching to include anything from strategy consultation to how-to sessions for any of your marketing needs including websites, social media, email marketing, using platforms like Canva, MailChimp, WordPress, Divi Theme/Builder, Facebook/Instagram, etc.
  • WordPress website hosting, security, & maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding Kit/Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress Website design
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Templates
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Reports/Analysis 


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