Is your business losing “momentum”?

Momentum… a term we hear so much in the business world. “Let’s put together a committee to build momentum for the new launch!” “Let’s move now while we have momentum!” Sometimes I just want to say, “Do you actually know what that word means? You’re not using it right!” Momentum is a physics term. It […]

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What social media platform is most important for local small business?

social mediaI hear this question a lot: “What social media platform should my small business be on?” Well, according to recent research by G/O Digital, 68% of people answered yes when asked if they have used social media to find info about a local business in the last 12 months and 73% said they expect a local business to have a presence on Facebook.  So if the question is “where are my potential customers?” it seems the answer is most probably “on Facebook.” If you’re a small business owner and you’re reading this, my guess is that you have tried Facebook advertising and like most small business owners, you’ve had little to no return on your investment and given up, or worse, you’re still dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars down the tube with very little results. But perhaps you’ve already heard that it doesn’t work, or it’s a waste of money, so you have never even tried it out. Let’s talk about some more numbers… (more…)

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Why isn’t my website helping my business?


It all started with a dream. You took a leap of faith and started your own business. You are pursuing the American dream now. You did the work, you created the product, you provided the service. You do what you do well and your customers know it…but business isn’t growing like it should. You have a website but it doesn’t seem to be helping like you thought it should and you find yourself lamenting that you can’t compete with those big chains and all their shiny, flashy marketing.

Sound familiar? It’s enough to discourage even the most courageous of entrepreneurs! But there is a solution!

website buried


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Are you READY to go all-in with social media?

Social media = immediate response. True or false? Well, what if I told you it was both? There’s a prevailing mindset in the business world that social media marketing should be just that… immediate. After all, when you joined FaceBook and typed in your workplace, schools, hometowns, etc., it immediately connected you with 300 people […]

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Take the fear out of marketing your small business!

We offer whole-brained marketing solutions all geared toward improving your website and social media rankings and performance.