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z25 Marketing provides digital marketing solutions to a wide range of small business owners. Small business owners need and want a reputable, approachable marketing service provider who understands their needs. And that provider needs to be able to work within a budget to meet those needs. Moreover, a large majority of small business owners are leery of marketing – fearing that in order to make progress in marketing, they will need to be manipulative or dishonest. Let’s face it, marketing has a bad reputation for simply ‘saying what they want to hear.’ If you are looking for someone to do that, we are not the marketing agency for you. However, if you are a small business owner who provides excellent products and services with integrity and simply want someone to help you connect with your community and “spread the word” we are likely a great fit for you!

After nearly a decade of working in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, Teresa, the owner and founder of Z25 Marketing left that world disheartened by the rising atmosphere of deception and immorality that modern-day marketing had become. After a short time away, though, the Lord made it clear that her time in marketing wasn’t over. In late 2014, she began working freelance for a new and local start-up business using social media to share the story of their business. That initial partnership became the cornerstone upon which the Lord made it clear that He was building something new here. Focusing on adding and growing skill sets in SEO and website development & design, social media management, content marketing in the modern-day, all while always keeping trust in God to establish whatever He would, we moved toward the close of 2015 as God opened the door for establishing z25 Marketing, LLC.

The business has grown and we’ve added many new team members who have also been led to a work from home model, allowing them more time with their children and families. Our team is made up of women who serve God and is almost exclusively moms who have left the traditional job model, trading it in for a more flexible and rewarding way to serve our clients. As we have grown, we have added services including graphic design, website development, whiteboard and animated toon video production and widened our social media management services. Our ideal client is a small business owner who is ready and able to take their business to a new level, but has no desire to hire a full-time marketing staff and is willing to outsource all of their marketing for us to handle. We do take on smaller projects, as well, so please contact us if think we might be  good fit for your business.

Though the business is still in its ‘early’ years, our collective knowledge and experience are certainly not. With over three decades of marketing, PR, fundraising knowledge, and hearts to help promote small businesses, we are walking into a new season with hope for the bright future ahead. And who knows, maybe you’ll be a part of our future!


So, what about that name?

Zechariah 2:5 is the founding promise of Z25 Marketing, LLC, and has become my life verse. As a female small business owner myself, I understand the struggles of starting and maintaining a small business, while supporting a family. I didn’t start this business to grow an empire or get rich. It was a gift given to me by God to provide for my family and for other small business owners and His promise to me all along has been that He will guide me. I am passionate about helping business owners understand how the world of marketing can help build their business without compromising their integrity or morality. May He forever be the wall of fire that protects me and this business, and may He continually be the recipient for all the glory of our successes.

Teresa Jones
owner, Z25 Marketing, LLCDemo Image

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